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Plan Helping Individuals, Families and Businesses create success using the most powerful tools and assessments to better understand themselves and the people around them.

Facilitating seminars, workshops and motivational programs for groups and individuals. Including corporate executives, students, as well as for families and individuals. No matter what your desire is for personal or professional growth, we have something for you.

In as little as 7 minutes you can get a clearer understanding of your Personality Type. This can help you in career choices and advances, improve communication, improve relationships, parenting and learning. Take an assessment to discover your type and receive free weekly tips to improve your life.




» Families have experienced greater understanding of each other’s needs
» Couples have increased their intimacy
» Parents have identified better with their kids
» Hiring managers have replicated their top performers
» Recruiters have saved money and time
» Managers have motivated their staff
» Leaders have developed more effective teams
» Teams have enhanced their productivity
» Companies have increased their revenue
» Entrepreneurs have found new business opportunities
» Youth/Teens have become more effective leaders
» Youth discover themselves & become stronger in standing up to peer pressure



ICF International Coach Federation   Heartland Coaches Association (Local Chapter of ICF) Society of Emotional Intelligence
ICF Heartland SOEI
American Psychology Association
Society for Consulting Psychology Division 13 of APA

SIOP Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology Division 14 of APA



Discover Your Personality Type
A complete understanding and awareness of yourself personality type can provide clarity in how you perceive situations as well as make your judgements sounder….

Personality Type
Discover your personality type and find the optimal college major or career field. Learn which careers support your inborn preferences and style: what environments you thrive in….

Relaxation and Stress Management for Children
Children learn relaxation and stress management skills. They will learn the physical response to stress, how to reverse it and how to create a more healthy and relaxed physical state….



“I thought last night was great! You did an amazing job! I loved just listening to you. The DISC really holds true its a true fit to the different personalities I think it will truly help.”

“Thanks Michele! I truly enjoyed the whole workshop we had. It was so interesting and true!! I think it is very important and informative.”
Susan B PV Bank


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